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Improper Electrical Connections

The inspection process we have developed, is a visual, non invasive, non destructive examination of the components/ systems of the structure. From that, we supply an objective opinion in the form of a detailed narrative report as to the present physical condition of these systems / components. We do have specialized equipment which can, if needs indicate, be used to discern conditions not readily visible. Special equipment could include moisture and gas meters, specialized cameras and assorted probes. A number of times, with permission from the owner, we have returned to the home to conduct minimally invasive inspections i.e. we cut small holes in the wall, ceiling etc. to view the cavity. I am so sure you will be satisfied with the inspection process and the report, that I proudly offer a 200% guarantee. If, after attending the inspection and reading the report, you are not fully and completely satisfied, call, and I will cheerfully refund the fee. Additionally, I will pay an equal amount to you, upon our receipt of a copy of an invoice from any licensed inspector who has conducted an equal inspection of the property for you.


    Structural Support Problems Leaking Roof Damage

Aged Caused Wear

    Mould Water Intrusion